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EVA Foam Decking for Marine Environment

The decking material made of EVA closed cell foam is grabbing all the attention these days due to the multiple benefits linked to it. A product which suits all types of applications and preferences is rare to find, but you can easily find EVA foam decking by approaching us!

Your needs for marine decking can be fulfilled in the most rewarding way by choosing credible suppliers of EVA foam decking for marine in Sydney.

We supply EVA foam decking for marine vessels throughout Australia. Along with providing the benefits of UV protection, resilience, comfort, stain-resistance, slip-resistance, low maintenance, and cost-effectiveness, the foam decking material also absorbs shock and reduces noise.

Foam decking for Marine environment– A great DIY Decking Solution

EVA foam decking material has an adhesive backing, and so you can just peel and stick the foam sheets on the surface of your boat deck. (You can also take the help of local installers)

As EVA foam is an unconventional material, you get an ample variety of colours, patterns, and textures for your marine decking. If you want to have the logo or any other information imprinted on your foam decking material, we will do that as well.

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